Our experts

Andrej Novak

Expert in tuning and technology of upright and grand pianos. Andrej Novak trained as a piano technician in the field of modern and Viennese piano in the workshop of Bernhard Balas, and in the special field of historical piano in the workshop of Gert Hecher in Vienna. He is the owner of the largest collection of historical musical instruments with keys in Slovenia.

Sandi De Simone

Expert in tuning and technology of upright and grand pianos. Sandi De Simone graduated from the Trieste Conservatory with a degree in piano. In 1986, he completed a tuning course at the PETROF factory in the Czech Republic.

Francesca Meloni

An expert in tuning and technology of grand and upright pianos graduated from the renowned Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.


The piano tuning process is carried out by adjusting the adjusting the string tension. Instrument tuning is performed regularly enough, depending on frequency of use, and is essential for maintaining sound quality and flexibility of the strings.

Mechanism regulation

The mechanism and keyboard of each piano are composed of numerous pieces made of wood, metal and felt. These elements of the mechanism are extremely sensitive to external conditions, such as room humidity and require certain conditions, careful handling and regular maintenance.

Regular mechanism adjustments, easy cleaning of the piano interior and soaking of the hammers are sufficient to maintain the softness of the keyboard, the quality of operation of the entire instrument and the sound.


Voicing is a process in which a specialist with a special three-needle tool to soften or scrape the felt with which the hammers are coated. This affects the type of sound.

Over time and in the light of environmental conditions, the felt on the hammers hardens slightly, resulting in uneven changes in the size of the hammers and thus the detuning.

The tuner’s job is to adjust the thickness of the felt on the hammers precisely by using the voicing tool and to ensure a consistent sound of the instrument.

The ravages of time leave their traces, therefore it is vital to preserve the materials with professional workmanship to ensure flawless appearance and the longevity of the instrument.

Our services include surface restoration and polishing processes by trained professionals. Careful renovation of the surfaces of used pianos restores the splendor of a new musical instrument.

25 years of experience in the transportation
of grand and upright pianos

Japan Piano Center has specially equipped vehicles for the transport of concert pianos and upright pianos. Our service is available for individuals, professional musicians, music institutions, theaters and schools.

We recommend to:

  • Tune the piano at least once a yearUglasiti klavir vsaj enkrat letno
  • Check the voicing and the mechanism operation at least once a year
  • Trust a trained professional with the tuning procedure
  • Consistently take care of the constant temperature and humidity conditions in the room

Maintenance process by Japan
Piano Center

With a purchase of a piano in our salon, you are entitled to a 7-year warranty, which includes maintenance. In addition to tuning, this covers all procedures for maintaining the mechanical and acoustic quality of the instrument, thus ensuring its optimum lifespan.